“Personality-Photography: Because you're worth more!”

You may not know it yet. With an investment in "personality photos", you get images that convey your value to exactly the right people and companies like the beacon of a lighthouse. Pictures in which you recognize yourself and with whose effect you already have a positive & winning effect on other people before your first encounter. Pictures, which radiate energy & clarity.

With me you do not need to smile on command. With thousands of shoots under my belt a photo shoot with me is always a relaxed experience.  Many of my clients take photos of their photos from my computer screen to share them with partners and friends immediately! :-)

You don't need fixing. You simply need to realise your value to unleash your potential. No matter what you think you're worth, you're worth more.

These photos will be the most profitable investment you have ever made.


“Images full of energy that magically attract the people and companies that suit you.”


The lighthouse principle

Stay true to yourself. Do not try to please everyone. Stay authentic!

You will automatically be found by those who suit you. You have to communicate with great clarity what you have to offer, why only YOU are the "Perfect Match".

If you are the born Group CEO, you don't want to work in a small company. And vice versa, if you like it manageable and personal, then you don't belong in a global corporation.

You cannot and do not have to be "Everybody's Darling". With the right charisma, perfectly fitting people and perfectly fitting companies will approach you with above-average frequency according to the lighthouse principle!

What does this have to do with personality photography? Everything!

With me, you won't get a "softly washed" profile picture that appeals to as many people as possible.

With me you get exactly the picture which brings you forward.