Valuable pictures for your career. Your application. Your business.

You're a very special person. You are starting a new project. You feel it’s time for a change. A new step in your life begins.

You’ll get headshots in which you recognize yourself. You’ll have a positive & winning effect on other people before your first encounter. Images that radiate energy & clarity.

In my photo studio you do not need to smile on command. My experience of many years makes a photo shooting for my visitor again and again a relaxed experience. Some would like to take the pictures immediately from my monitor to share them with partners and friends! :-)

Prepare yourself well - here are many tips for your perfect "success portrait".


Besuchen Sie mich in meinem Fotostudio

We illuminate your wishes and your personality. We advise in detail about your photo: location, styling, clothing, mood. Your photo will underline your personality and your value in a very special way!

I photograph you in my photo studio or the closer environment. All this in a relaxed atmosphere. Then you will be able to look into my camera in a relaxed and unaffected way. That way you get the perfect photo, no matter if you use your photo for an application, a website or as a present to a loved one.

With me you get exactly the picture which brings you forward.

Images full of energy. These pictures affect exactly the people & companies that suit you.