Ex-banker. Today down to earth and solid! :-)

Foto: Henry Kleinespel

Foto: Henry Kleinespel

Already at the tender age of 16 I "organized" an apprenticeship as a photographer.

My parents didn't like it so much and "advised" me to graduate from high school. Afterwords I learned the very respectable profession of a bank clerk at the Volksbank in my home town of Dorsten. This was followed by a trainee programme as a corporate client advisor at Commerzbank in Münster. Later, I headed the controlling department of a forwarding agency in Saxony.

In 2002 I turned my hobby into my profession.

Further training at numerous workshops in Germany and abroad, among others with the internationally awarded Padraic Deasy in Ireland, Richard Mayfield and Damien Lovegrove from England.

Most recently with Greg Gorman from the USA.

Since June 2019 I belong to the "Personality Masters" of the Mylight photographers and am a member of the largest German photographers association FREELENS e.V.

When I'm not photographing I like to read, write a blog article, regularly go to the cinema or walk around Grüneburgpark. I often make "video calls" with my adult sons Henry and Conrad, who both live abroad.

My last name "Kleinespel" is pronounced that way:

Klein-Espel - with emphasis on the second syllable :-)